Concrete Recycling Services In Dubbo

Did you know that every year, millions of tonnes of concrete and other construction waste materials wind up in landfills? You can help offset this environmental challenge by choosing our concrete recycling services. We can effectively remove and recycle up to several million tonnes including concrete, brick and scrap metal waste each year, allowing it to remain out of the landfills so you can feel good about the impact you’re having on the environment. This will allow you to perform your demolition work without leading to unnecessary waste and to help prevent overcrowding of our nation’s dumping grounds.

Why choose concrete recycling services?

We enjoy performing our jobs in an eco-friendly way. Demolition naturally leads to a lot of waste materials, but these don’t have to wind up taking up space in a landfill somewhere. Up to 90% of all concrete waste can be effectively recycled and then reused in building materials that are shipped all around the country. That means your broken concrete, crumbled buildings and demolition products can be given new life to prevent them from having as much of an environmental impact.

And because our team can perform the demolition of any buildings as well, we can also ensure that materials are handled correctly and safely so that no hazardous materials wind up in the environment. Rest assured that when you call Stockley Excavation, your waste materials will be handled with the highest level of attention to detail and care, so you can feel good in knowing that no unnecessary material will wind up in a landfill.

We look forward to hearing from you soon in regards to your concrete recycling needs. We handle jobs large and small, so no matter what your needs, we’re here for you. Give us a call, and one of our recycling specialists will get back with you soon to discuss your project.