Civil Construction Services in Dubbo

We provide a range of civil construction services for a wide range of industries ranging from landscaping to large industrial construction sites to marine excavations. We have the equipment and expertise to handle a wide range of project types with accuracy and safety. You’ll find that we are particularly specialised in the following areas, but we hope you will give us a call about any of your civil construction needs.
Excavations: We can handle clearing large or small sites for subdivisions, batters and benches, rock crushing, pad and strip footings, and much more.

Marine: We can create sea walls, cofferdams, revetment structures, pontoon works, repair of piers and installation of docks and piers. We can also provide environmental services, including containing contaminated materials and more.

Underground site infrastructure: We provide excavation services and installation of stormwater drains, piping systems, ponds, dam lift walls, pavement structures and much more.

Land Remediation – We can handle removing and containing hazardous materials, abatement, remediation and more to make land useful again. This also includes chemical treatment and testing.

Landscaping – We provide a full range of landscaping related excavation services, including land preparation for irrigation, fencing, drainage, planting, water features, gardening and other landscaping features.

These are a small sampling of the services we have available. Give us a call if you want to know if we can cover the project you have upcoming!

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