Asbestos Removal Services in Dubbo

Asbestos removal services are not something just anyone can provide. Only a licensed HAZMAT professional can safely and legally handle your hazardous materials. Asbestos can be found in a wide assortment of building materials that may look innocuous, so you can’t always tell where it is hiding. From soil and groundwater, to wall sheeting and ceiling tiles, it could be found virtually anywhere in an older building.

Asbestos is a highly dangerous material that is comprised of many tiny fibres. It was once heralded for its amazing fire retardant properties, but it was soon discovered that when disturbed, the fibres can lodge within the lungs and cause a host of health problems. For these reasons, asbestos has to be properly contained when it’s removed from a location, and properly disposed of once it is out. Failure to comply with safety regulations could lead to wider contamination and even exposure to vulnerable individuals.

Stockley Excavations is EPA licensed, we can dispose of asbestos whether it is friable or non-friable as well as other harmful materials safely. Using specialised suits and air handlers, they can remove hazardous materials for any location without contaminating surrounding areas.

When to call for asbestos abatement services

There is no way to conclusively recognise asbestos by sight. While some things are immediately recognisable to the trained eye, some materials could contain asbestos that you would never guess. We can carry out asbestos testing to determine where it is located, and then safely remove any asbestos containing materials to keep them out of buildings, homes and the environment.

Never try to remove asbestos yourself!

If you believe you may have found asbestos, or you know for sure that you’re dealing with an asbestos problem, give us a call and we will gladly perform the necessary tests, go over our process and offer a quote on full asbestos removal and disposal.