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Call our excavator specialists today to find out how you can meet your deadlines, while also getting the job done within budget. Our team has a wealth of experience and know-how, so you can rest assured that you’re hiring the very best. Even so, our rates are highly competitive. We specialise in performing large- and small-scale excavation projects, including subdivision, drainage and pipe laying projects. We also handle large-scale jobs for civil engineering firms and a wide range of others.

You’ll find that Stockley’s excavator specialists are highly trained, and committed to providing only the best service at the right price. When you hire us, you’re also getting years of knowledge and expertise.

Call our excavator specialists today for more information!

We look forward to quoting your job and helping you complete it to the highest level of quality. If you have any questions, one of our excavation specialists will be happy to answer them before you proceed. You’ll find our staff to be highly trained, friendly and personable.



Q: Where is your business located?

A: We are located in Dubbo, but we offer services to clients throughout the greater Dubbo area, as well as Wagga Wagga and the entire inland area.

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Stockley Excavations follows all WHS regulations to ensure a safe work environment for our staff members as well as our clients.
For more information about WHS regulations, visit: http://justorganizations.com/sites/default/files/OHS%20Policy.pdf